Top Cop Pranks of 2016 MAGIC … Cop Pranks (GONE WRONG) Police pranks and funny police Pranks Compilation 2016

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  • Haram Ahdawan 1 month ago

    Horrible acting

  • Simon Say 1 month ago

    Funny trully the best

  • Taufik Rahman 1 month ago

    Very creative prank though. Do a prank but in the same time doing magic. Cool stuff. Love it. 😆

  • Justin Dark 1 month ago

    This is not just a hanging out dayyyyyMan😖

  • Davie Dood 1 month ago


  • 0:45 police almost shooting you guy…

  • Алексей Полянский 1 month ago

    3rd prank is absolutly awesome;))


    Wowwwww amazing moves😱😱😱

  • Lateip yt 1 month ago

    pls chose me

  • Manny Water 1 month ago

    This was freaking hilarious. I'm glad you didn't get shot or in trouble

  • Mende3 Petrov 1 month ago

    how you do this man they almost shot you how u do this magic bravo

  • Me The One G 1 month ago

    That cops are retarded

  • Reza Hassani 1 month ago

    Black gaurd you havet something ,i saw something,

  • Unknown Unknown 1 month ago

    Lol this dude's lucky to be alive after the gun prank 🤣

  • BRIONES UR 1 month ago

    Man you are awesome jajajaj

  • Tracey Falconer 1 month ago

    These videos are not funny you're going to get yourself killed

  • Arngeir 1 month ago

    It's sad to admit it but if a black dude tried the cookie gun thing he would've got shot or at least arrested i swear.

  • Rafael Baeza 1 month ago

    Hi. How do you do it. It's amazing

  • TREVOR SMITH 1 month ago

    First time watching your channel, its great!

  • Benny Hoxhaj 1 month ago

    Very funny dude

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