basically a compilation of the funniest stranger things moments. i tried to include ones that i found funny that i hadn’t seen in other videos. anyways enjoy!!!


show: stranger things
song: dropped by phantom planet
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  • Clique 7 months ago

    Nancy: No more lies from now on, okay?
    Mike: Yeah. So.. Do you like Jonathan?
    Nancy: What? No! What about eleven?
    Mike: No! Ew! Gross!
    People that have seen season 2 and 3: cough cough

  • That Squid 7 months ago


  • Keira Beck 7 months ago

    Is that a stranger things 3 spoiler in the beginning?? I haven’t seen that in the first and second.

  • Gabriel Studios 7 months ago


  • Flame HerobrineYT - Roblox & More! 7 months ago

    EAT SH**

  • Lacey M. 7 months ago

    Why was this line not in this video

    Mike: did you do alot of studying last night

    Nancy:yeah actually I did

    Mike:what was your test on? Human anatomy

  • is the fbi here 7 months ago

    cOfFEe aNd coNtEmpLAtiOn

  • Trashcan Kayla 7 months ago

    Me when Stranger Things 3 comes out

  • Bts Multifandom 7 months ago

    ~Eleven walks in~
    Dustin: wow you look—
    Mike: pretty
    Mike: good pretty good
    Lucas: ~makes a face~
    Me:omg My mood when that happened 😂

  • Trashcan Kayla 7 months ago

    Roses are red
    Barb is dead
    I HoPE YouR eNjOyINg yOUR cHIckEn tEd

  • るな黄泉月 7 months ago


  • Ship Hoarder 7 months ago

    son of a bitch

  • adan and julin and andy cool stufe 7 months ago
  • Kendra Matehuala 7 months ago
  • Jimin Got No jams 7 months ago

    2.02 Steve is so funny at this scene lmao

  • Slime Squishy 7 months ago

    Some of it is from S2 and S1

  • Cartoongabe Fallgma 7 months ago

    I like 3:50

  • Just your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man 7 months ago

    “Hi El. El, El, El, El, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Would you marry me?”
    “Shut up, Lucas!”

  • Panic at Brendonuries'Giantforehead 7 months ago

    I dont like most people same 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Atziry x GachaStudios 7 months ago


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