The Mayor of Chestertown threatens to shutdown the library when he can’t handle how loud Jeffrey and Sara are. Can they save their library and do their jobs without making a peep?

→ Credits ←
Created, Written and Directed by: Nico Colaleo

Voice Talent:
Sara: Kelsy Abbott
Jeffrey: Nico Colaleo
The Mayor: Chris Dotson
Miz Abbott: Gregg Turkington
Texting Girl: Haley Mancini
Customer 1: Dave Goetzl
Customer 2: Thurop Van Orman

Storyboard Artist:
Natasha Kline

Vivienne Medrano
Kyra Kupetsky
Marie Lum
Phui Jing Ling
Adam Bohorquez
MC Griffin
Caitlin Fogarty
Javier Ulloa

Kati Prescott

Prop Designer:
Ruth Turner

Additional Character Design:
Sandra Rivas
Gabe Del Valle

Additional Writing:
Matt Brailey

Additional Clean-Up:
Charlie Clark
Julia Gervase
Louisiana Ramos
Lissi Leuterio

“Too Loud” Theme Composer:
Dave Neff

Executive in Charge of Production:
Melanie Augustyn

Executive Producer:
Birkner Rawlings

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