Isaiah and Zashia FINALLY get pay back! Isaiah says F-L-U-C-K to his dad! This prank is EPIC! I cussed at my mom was funny, I cussed at my dad is HILARIOUS! how do you think HYMN will react to being cussed at?!

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  • Lo Rebel 3 weeks ago

    Who really pull someone 1 foot away to has a meaningless talk right in front of the camera

  • Lo Rebel 3 weeks ago


  • Jaylin Bynum 3 weeks ago

    I subscribed

  • Trey Hendricks 3 weeks ago

    “you want a orange?” i would’ve said yeah even tho its a prank 😂😂

  • Ken Chin 3 weeks ago

    No offense but ask your son if he gay, He looks like a younger version of James Charles. Don't get this wrong, i am not judging, i am just saying or maybe u could do a prank letting your son tell his father he is gay if u have not already done that

  • jakayla ezell 3 weeks ago

    Loveeeeee your channel #postnonifacationsquad

  • ddgandme 3 weeks ago

    Was this a Near death prank?

  • Richard Voiello 3 weeks ago

    Fakest YouTube Channel out there.

  • Seejay S 3 weeks ago

    So wa just gunna ignore that big ass dog🤔🤔

  • cool boy khi 103 3 weeks ago

    I love your videos and yall and I love yall pranks #postnotifiongang

  • Ketorie Deng 3 weeks ago

    Bro he cute

  • Candice Smiley 3 weeks ago

    Her dog was all the hype

  • Nakimo 3 weeks ago

    “Good vibes…Good vibes everyone!!!”

    Isaiah: aight imma head in 😏

  • Kayjun Taylor 3 weeks ago

    Isaiah's Going To Be A Knockout 😭❤

  • Michael Perez 3 weeks ago

    I believed until it’s obv it’s fake cuz the way he gets pulled over for the side convo right in front of the camera and so awkwardly and it sounds scripted the way they talk

  • FFM Fanatical Food Family 3 weeks ago

    Ok now that’s I know that this guy is not the kids actual father I think that he gets aliitle too much control over the kid , like that’s not your son to be touching him like that

  • TeaBaGGer1422 2 3 weeks ago

    Me thinking how I would’ve slapped my son in front of the family without knowing it’s a prank😂

  • Abigail Isikhuemhen 3 weeks ago

    I’m not gonna lie out of most of the family Channels I’ve watched they’re really funny and interesting😊😂

  • Harmoni Kirven 3 weeks ago

    Im new and my name is harmoni but with an i 😀

  • Lisa Vo 3 weeks ago