This video is a social experiment so see how people react around someone who may be possibly infected with a virus.

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Music by P3rry, Chech him out!


Here’s where you find more info about coronavirus and its prevention

How you can help and donate to contain/relief the current outbreak
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  • Max Крутой 2 weeks ago

    Что за хуйня мы сдохним 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

  • Bitch Pudding 2 weeks ago

    This is definitely not funny. The Asian community has already taken a huge hit from this already and all you’re doong is making it worse. I have an idea: maybe try this shit on an airplane and see who laughs… I swear, people will make light of any sitation for views. Idiots

  • harkmesh fortuna vegal 2 weeks ago

    this rascist bro, but not problem i'm not chinese

  • john addie 2 weeks ago

    Man don't joke about this shit man

  • Yuri Ugisa 2 weeks ago

    Don't judge, they do it for survival, this gonna be apocalypse

  • nitro PL 2 weeks ago

    my god… that's rude to joking about something that dangerous

  • モルトモの部屋 2 weeks ago

    But no one cares about flu

  • Jimmy a Geek 2 weeks ago

    Shame on You for making such stupid video, there is no fun or joke about dying

  • A Gibert 2 weeks ago

    I feel like this is inappropriate. This isn't funny, let alone entertaining. I feel for those who have died, and who are afraid to come within distance of their families. Not to mention, that they say it can spread through apartment pipes now, and is undetectable for up to two weeks…

  • Bayu Store 2 weeks ago

    Very dark bro 🤐🤨

  • Totally irresponsible and disrespectful to the people who have died and their families. How YouTube have allowed this is beyond any reasonable belief. Dislike, unsubscribe and report.

  • Mark Tran 2 weeks ago

    stfu this is fucking disgusting you have people dying, fearing for their lives… and what not… i didn't watch this crap but… I'm going to report this lack of human empathy… you just bought yourself a ticket to hell…

  • still workin 2 weeks ago

    that is some funny shit , i would like to shoot all you fools with with some frozen chicken pot pie cannons for some more funny shit to go with this

  • Tengis Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Camera man:sɴᴇᴀᴋ100

  • Taylor Fall 2 weeks ago

    bear thoughts: oh fuck ass no. Ma nigga this gone be Toy Story today..I’m getting ma furry ass out of this mf 4:30

  • Dr. Apollo 2 weeks ago

    The virus is not air-borne. It spreads through water droplets when someone coughs or sneezes, and through direct contact with bodily fluids.

  • This wasn’t funny at all

  • Asib Nejat (255asineja) 2 weeks ago

    well what can stop the virus is maybe stop eating living things would be a great idea

  • Love Blue 2 weeks ago

    That first guy is my mood