In celebration of 100 years of Philippine Cinema, watch the second part of the 100 funniest moments in Star Cinema movies here!

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  • Owen Dizon 3 weeks ago

    15:16 😂

  • lalisa manoban 3 weeks ago

    Vice ganda – godlike 👍
    Lassy – shut down enemy godlike 👎

  • Novy Mina 3 weeks ago

    Just lock the door when you leave😂😂

  • Romica dv 3 weeks ago


  • Ricoh Yan 3 weeks ago

    eto na yung quality ng comedy sa pinas? lol

  • romar salazar 3 weeks ago

    Yung 3:43 HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Joreza Sadili 3 weeks ago

    Iloveyou VIce Ganda

  • MoonlightJimin 3 weeks ago

    yung #32 ang saya hahaha

  • Go Shore 3 weeks ago


  • Yyo Zoleta 3 weeks ago


  • mira mapindan 3 weeks ago

    Nkkmiss mga movies ni Wenn V

  • mira mapindan 3 weeks ago

    Little red riding hood😂😂

  • jakolero boy 3 weeks ago

    guapo ng patilya ni JM

  • jakolero boy 3 weeks ago

    JOHN LLOYD : lock the door
    SARAH G : hu ?
    JOHN LLOYD : i said lock the door
    SARAH G : sir wag po
    JOHN LLOYD : lock the door when you live😂😂😂
    yong Green minded ka agad 😂😂✌

  • wrath gaming 3 weeks ago

    29 the super parental guardians daw hahaha lmao

  • Yvone Cordero 3 weeks ago

    30 brings so much nostalgia
    I miss tito Dolphy😢

  • aliyah mataray 3 weeks ago

    Di ako mka move on doon sa dinbi ni vice na sexy mo no

    Prakng c bangs
    Tos yung sinbihan;bangs Garcia

    Vice bangsamoro 😂😂😂

  • Dami kong tawa sa 32 3:31 mga isangdaan 😂

  • mercy mallari 3 weeks ago


  • the L in chenle means Legend 3 weeks ago

    ung sa no.28 (0:58) talaga,, grabe HAHAHHAHA